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Personalised support for SMEs & Startups

Technological breakthroughs can increase trust, but careless deployment can quickly erode it.

We support SMEs and startups, which focus in technology, health-tech, fintech, marketing and behavioural advertising, to start thinking differently about GDPR and to make GDPR compliance a vital part of their business strategy and daily operations, in order to gain a better position in the market and at the same time protect themselves against potential legal issues (lawsuits, administrative fines, etc).

We help you :

    • Create trust among consumers by establishing transparent privacy policies particularly in the relation to profiling and analytics.
        •  In this context you’ll be consulted to design your systems in a way that enables individuals to easily exercise their rights, including their right to erasure and right to move their data to another service provider
        •  If you rely on consent, then the latter must be specific, informed and unambiguous.
    • Protect your reputation by finding and working with trusted partners. In this context, you will need to review your supply chain arrangements with data processors including your cloud hosting provider (where applicable).
    • Avoid that your data is compromised by strategizing and planning with risk in mind: in this context, you’ll need to have processes in place that enable you to monitor your systems, identify potential incidents when they occur, mitigate them and report them (if needed) to the needed channels (ex. the respective data protection authority in case of a personal data breach) within the required by law timeframe.
    • Generate trust with investors by being compliant and avoid high penalties in case of non-compliance. In this context, your systems need to be built using the principles of privacy by design, by performing a privacy impact assessment, where required, in order to identify existing risks and, later on, address them.
    • Implement good data ethics practices in your business ecosystem by providing guiding principles, which will be used in the ethical development and deployment of AI products and solutions.